Pear Season is here! Seasonal Food Highlight


Exploring the therapeutic benefits of eating seasonally.

Pear Season has arrived! 

Pear Season has arrived! 

In Chinese Medicine the season of fall is dry in nature and associate with the Lungs. Dryness can effect the mucus membranes of the body, the internal organs, and the skin. Dry conditions include constipation, chronic dry cough and restlessness. Pears are cooling in nature and sweat and slightly sour in flavor, creating a moistening effect on the body while also transforming phlegm. Pears directly benefit the lungs and are rich in Vit C, B6, potassium, magnesium and riboflavins.

5 Therapeutic benefits of eating pears.

  • Treats a dry or chronic cough
  • Treats constipation
  • Eliminates restlessness
  • Transforms phlegm 
  • Moistens a dry throat and helps with loss of voice